What It Takes to Survive Life as a Student


Being a college student is a thing full of dilemmas. On one hand you are compelled to keep up the good work at getting impeccable grades while on the other hand you are also faced with the fact that you need to live a frugal life. As a student, you live on a tight budget. Allowance from parents is perhaps the only source of money you can rely on. And odds are, unless your father was Bill Gates, the money from your parents should only cover the basics: tuition, food, room and board, or rent. And we are not even talking about money for textbooks just yet, which is possible to add hundreds of bucks more to the burden. While there seems to be some aspects that you can do nothing about, there are others where you can tweak so you can always survive your student life. Tuition is fixed. You can always try to appeal to the school board about getting a remission on the amount of tuition you need to pay although there is only a little chance of that going to happen. Rent is fixed. If you know how to talk to your landlord or if your landlady is somewhat open for postponement in paying the rent, you can always miss one month or two and pay them all later. But the amount of rent or room and board bill tends to be fixed, too, so there really is nothing you can do to try to save more on these.

But on the fronts of food and textbooks, you can do something. See, when you are a student, you are also a person living a single life. This offers you both advantage and disadvantage. The advantage is that you could do anything as you please and see fit while the disadvantage is that you have to do it all alone. You can skip buying food from the campus canteen or cafeteria or stores. Instead, try to fix your meals on your own. If you are not a breakfast-person, it means one less problem to mind—although it is not suggested that you skip the most important meal of the day. You can still make time to prepare breakfast. You can wake up reasonably earlier to do this, plus waking up early is said to have good impact on your brain as well. Pack a lunch to bring to campus. Some sandwiches should be enough to calm your stomach down. You can even choose to cook your meals if you can spare some time and have the willingness to do so. Stay out of the food joints for dinner.

http://www.4besto.com/ has an excellent point about students having tendencies to hang out and drink coffee often. While there is nothing wrong about this (you’re allowed to have social life, after all), you need to think of proportionality. When your money is tight, is it wise to go to hangout places? And is coffee all that important to your life? Can you live without them at all? Those are the kinds of question you need to think about.